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Foot and Ankle Tendoscopies: Current Concepts Review

  • Tendoscopy is an apparently safe and reliable procedure to manage some foot and ankle disorders.
  • The most common foot and ankle tendoscopies are: Achilles; peroneal; and posterior tibial tendon.
  • Tendoscopy may be used as an adjacent procedure to other techniques.
  • Caution is recommended to avoid neurovascular injuries.
  • Predominantly level IV and V studies are found in the literature, with no level I studies still available.
  • There are many promising and evolving endoscopic techniques for tendinopathies around the foot and ankle, but studies of higher levels of evidence are needed to strongly recommend these procedures.

Keywords: tendoscopy; endoscopy; Achilles; peroneal tendons; posterior tibial tendon; tendinopathy


Manuel Monteagudo, Ernesto Maceira, Pilar Martinez de Albornoz
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