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Diagnosis and treatment of labral tear


Objective: To review the literature regarding diagnosis and treatment of labral tear.
Data sources: A systematic search was performed in PubMed using various search terms and their combinations including hip, labrum, acetabular labral tear, arthroscopy, diagnosis, and anatomy.
Study selection: For each included study, information regarding anatomy, function, etiology, diagnosis, and management of acetabular labral tear was extracted.
Results: Five hundred and sixty abstracts about anatomy, function, etiology, diagnosis, and management of acetabular labral tear were reviewed and 66 selected for full-text review. The mechanism of labral tear has been well explained while the long-term outcomes of various treatment remains unknown.
Conclusions: Labral tear is generally secondary to femoroacetabular impingement, trauma, dysplasia, capsular laxity, and degeneration. Patients with labral tear complain about anterior hip or groin pain most commonly with a most consistent physical examination called positive anterior hip impingement test. Magnetic resonance arthrography is a reliable radiographic examination with arthroscopy being the gold standard. Conservative treatment consists of rest, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, pain medications, modification of activities, physical therapy, and intra-articular injection. When fail to respond to conservative treatment, surgical treatment including labral debridement, labral repair, and labral reconstruction is often indicated.
Keywords: Hip; Labrum; Acetabular labral tear; Arthroscopy; Repair


Tiao Su, Guang-Xing Chen, Liu Yang
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