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A case report of ten-month-neglected anterior shoulder dislocation managed by open reduction combined with Latarjet procedure

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INTRODUCTION: Neglected shoulder dislocation is a rare case and may be accompanied by pathological
changes in bony and soft tissue structure. Therefore, it requires extensive surgical procedure. Until now,
there is no standard treatment protocol to overcome this case and it is still a challenging case.
PRESENTATION OF CASE: We presented a 27-year-old male patient with deformity on his left shoulder. The
patient has suffered a ten-month-neglected anterior shoulder dislocation with a Hill-Sachs lesion. The
treatment was open reduction combined with Latarjet procedure. Evaluation oftreatment was performed
three months after surgery.
DISCUSSION: Management of a neglected shoulder dislocation, especially with significant bony defects,
is challenging and cannot be managed with standard surgical technique because of severe soft-tissue
contracture and imbalance as well as bone deficiency. Chronic locked anterior shoulder dislocation is a
difficult condition for both patient and clinician. In addition to that, the treatment results can be unsatisfactory. Latarjet procedure has been shown to be effective for the treatment of recurrent anterior shoulder
dislocation with a large glenoid osseous defect which might justify the application of this procedure for
the treatment of neglected anterior shoulder dislocation.
CONCLUSION: Open reduction combined with Latarjet procedure performed for treatment of neglected
anterior shoulder dislocation was found to have a high rate of successful in preventing further dislocation
of the shoulder joint although the high risk of osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint can still persist.

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Andri Maruli Tua Lubis ∗, Muhammad Rizqi Adhi Primaputra, Ismail H. Dilogo
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